Sustainable Landscapes

Global challenges related to poverty, food security, loss of habitat and biodiversity, and climate change converge in places where competition for land and resource use is heightened. The integrated management of the territory allows us to simultaneously address these challenges, based on a green economy that reverses the degradation of ecosystems, watersheds and land for cultivation, also ensuring livelihoods and means of life for the population. In other words, it is a systemic approach that considers the needs of multiple sectors and actors, so that ambitious goals like the SDGs can be achieved simultaneously.

The magnitude, complexity and urgency of the challenge are enormous, so it is necessary to articulate collaborative planning actions at the governance, financing and market levels.

At Ithaca Environmental we have a coordinated team of specialists in the three key areas: 1) design and management of participatory processes and capacity development, 2) structuring and access to financial mechanisms and 3) innovation in business models, acceleration and best practices in production systems

In this context, Ithaca has the following services to support its clients:

Access to financing for sustainable production

We support rural producers and communities to access green financing, to structure sustainable agricultural production projects and in the development of new business models.

Development of strategies, programs and policies

We advise governments and non-governmental organizations in the development of policies for sustainable management of the territory and its resources that allow a low-carbon socioeconomic development that is aligned with environmental protection.

Sustainable production

We provide services to entrepreneurs with ideas and help them refine their business models so that they are profitable and achieve an impact at scale in the production and commercialization of land use products or services


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