Sustainable Landscapes

Global trends such as population and economic growth, urbanization and climate change are increasing the pressure to make more intensive use of land.

It is essential to propose new approaches that allow a productive urban and rural development that is compatible with the protection of natural resources, that counteract climate change and that contribute to the establishment of sustainable communities.

Ithaca seeks to promote an integral approach for sustainable land management, in order to take into account social and environmental impacts and identify opportunities to create synergies between the different economic sectors and society.

In this context, Ithaca has the following services to support its clients:

Access to financing for sustainable production

We support rural producers and communities to access green financing, to structure sustainable agricultural production projects and in the development of new business models.

Development of strategies, programs and policies

We advise governments and non-governmental organizations in the development of policies for sustainable management of the territory and its resources that allow a low-carbon socioeconomic development that is aligned with environmental protection.

Sustainable production

We provide services to entrepreneurs with ideas and help them refine their business models so that they are profitable and achieve an impact at scale in the production and commercialization of land use products or services


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