Resilience and Adaptation to Climate Change

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges facing humanity in the 21st century. Its impacts are manifested through increasing droughts, floods, changes in weather patterns; These are affecting crops, supply chains, infrastructure, local economies, wildlife and society in general.

Responding to the effects of climate change requires collective action at different scales. On one side to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions at a sufficient pace to achieve a sustainable low-carbon route. On the other, it requires to assess the risks, formulate adaptation measures and integrate them into policies and planning in order to be better prepared and minimize its impacts.

In this context, Ithaca has the following services to support its clients:

Evaluation and updating of climate change programs

We collaborate with local and regional governments, and development organizations in the evaluation and updating of their climate change programs.

1.We review and analyze national and international reports to identify new trends and methodological frameworks applicable to the program.

2. We formulate recommendations for the fulfillment of goals and necessary actions to create strategic investment portfolios.

Integration of adaptation and resilience in urban and territorial planning

We work with governments, universities and civil society to integrate adaptation and resilience elements in urban and territorial planning

1.Spatial and territorial analysis of risks, impacts and vulnerability with recommendations for integration into urban development plans and land-use planning programs.

2.Development of workshops and participatory processes to integrate key elements of adaptation and resilience in urban and territorial planning.

Design of strategies and programs

We support governments, the private sector, civil society organizations and multilateral and bilateral development organizations in the design of strategies and programs to adapt to climate change and resilience.

1.We carryout the technical studies required for the design of strategies and programs:assessment of risks and chronic environmental stress, evaluation of impacts and climatic vulnerability, development of future scenarios, analysis of strengths and weaknesses, mapping of actors.

2.We promote governance mechanisms and facilitate collaboration among various actors for the establishment of cooperation agreements.

3.We develop portfolios of projects through participatory processes and carry out the identification of possible sources of financing.

4.We develop monitoring and evaluation systems, with indicators taking into account international best practices and the local context.

Design and management of adaptation and resilience projects

We support project implementation agencies in the design, implementation and management of their projects.

1.We carry out the general coordination of the projects: Monitoring of activities, supervision of deliveries and technical products, preparation of contents, coordination of meetings, workshops and events.

2.We facilitate coordination among local, regional and international actors involved in the project.

3.We supervise the project cycle.

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