Energy and Low Carbon Development

Energy is an increasingly important aspect of economic development and competitiveness, as well as a key component in the achievement of climate change mitigation goals.

Energy markets are constantly evolving in order to incorporate renewable energy resources and energy efficiency, and adjust to new environmental, safety and climate regulations.

The transition to renewable energy requires that organizations and governments rethink business models, project portfolios and financial instruments to adjust energy systems, leading to a reduction in carbon emissions and an increase of productivity in the public and private sectors.

In this context, Ithaca has the following services to support its clients:

Energy Intelligence

We facilitate the decision making of electricity generators and consumers to monetize the opportunities of the new regulatory environment of the electricity sector in Mexico, through regulatory analysis, market intelligence and construction of ad-hoc business models.

1. We provide electricity market intelligence and regulatory analysis specific to the needs of our customers.

2. We accompany our clients in the construction of business models that allow monetizing the opportunities derived from the Mexican electricity market.

Energy comercialization & management

We provide strategic advice and support our clients in the implementation of energy efficiency measures and the purchase of products in the electricity market that reduce their operating costs and increase their competitiveness.

1.We conduct energy audits to identify savings opportunities and demand optimization at our customers' facilities.

2.We accompany the decision making on the purchase of energy, power and Clean EnergyCertificates (CEL ) supporting the design of requests for proposals and the evaluation of received proposals.

3.We implement energy management systems to help reduce operating costs and meet our clients' emission reduction goals.

Permits and licenses

We support developers of renewable energy projects (public and private) to obtain the licenses and permits necessary to achieve a state of RTB (Ready to Build).

1.We coordinate the management of all permits, licenses and technical studies necessary to finance and initiate the construction of projects, including authorizations from the environmental,urban, airport, and archaeological authorities.

2.We carry out the technical studies required for projects, including environmental impact assessments, social impact assessments, urban compatibility studies, technical-economic studies, municipal authorizations for changes in land use, topographies, hydrological and hydraulic studies, among others.

Design and implementation of social and environmental management systems

We collaborate with construction companies and project owners to comply with social and environmental obligations during the construction and operation of the project.

1.We supervise and implement wildlife and flora rescue programs, clearing,environmental monitoring to fulfill governmental obligations in relation to authorizations of environmental impact and changes in forest land use.

2.We design and implement social investment and management plans and communication mechanisms with local communities to comply with legal obligations derived from governmental authorizations.

Risk evaluation and due diligence

We work with financiers of energy infrastructure projects in the evaluation of projects to determine risks for investment.

1.We carryout preliminary due diligence or red flag reports at the initial phase of a project’s technical evaluation.

2.We evaluate the environmental and social compliance of projects in accordance with national laws and international standards (Performance Standards of theInternational Financial Corporation (IFC), Equator  Principles, among others).

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