Why Ithaca?

For us the meaning of Ithaca is inspired by the poem by Constantine Cavafy. Ithaca means the process necessary to achieve any goal and recover what has been lost; as well as the human wealth that accumulates along the way.

Ithaca Environmental represents a journey to help solve the enormous challenges that humanity faces due to global environmental changes. Given its magnitude we do not know if these will be solved, or how much we can contribute for its solution. Faced with this uncertainty, the value of our professional life bets on the process of giving the best of ourselves to achieve these changes, to the experiences, adventures and the people we will meet along the way that will enrich our lives.

Our Story

The beginnings of Ithaca Environmental date back to 2009, in the city of Oxford, United Kingdom, where the founding partners met and identified a common interest between their studies and work on climate change and the environment.

In 2012, Ithaca Environmental is established in Mexico, as a company dedicated to providing strategic advice and specialized services in clean energy, climate change and resilience. Since then, we have been helping our clients adapt to a world with growing limitations and environmental regulations and to successfully move towards a low-carbon development and be better prepared for the challenges associated with climate change.

Our Mision

Ithaca Environmental provides strategic advice and specialized services to private sector companies, development agencies and banks, non-governmental organizations and governments to address the socio-environmental challenges associated with global change, through highly qualified professionals to manage interdisciplinary teams and complex problems, and contribute to the construction of a sustainable, resilient and low carbon development.

José Castro Negrete


Arnoldo Matus Kramer, Dr.


Bernardo Lazo


Luis Antonio Contreras Estrada


Ana Karen Navarrete García


Miguel Ángel Pichardo Flores


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